Angelina Draper

As a consultant, I work with companies to assess their current online status, define target goals and create a digital roadmap to help them achieve those goals. Whether defining a long-term strategy with board members and senior management, or taking a daily, hands-on approach with internal stakeholders and agencies, I am able to drive the change companies require, but often fail to achieve alone.

As a journalist and broadcaster, I analyse and report on the impact of technology on the lives of individuals, companies and countries.

Whichever hat I am wearing, the experience I bring is global, cross-industry and multi-platform.


“There’s an App For That” Playtimes Magazine monthly column


  • “Tech in Two” – July 25, 2014

“Tech in Two” – July 25, 2014

Amazon sales rise but investors concerned over higher than expected losses – Baidu beats expectation with a strong second quarter. – Lenovo introduces Google Glass look-alike glasses.

  • Tech in Two

Tech in Two

I join Money for Nothing host Bryan Curtis to give Hong Kong’s business and finance-minded listeners [...]

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