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audioicon1Dell‘s CEO Michael Dell announced on his Twitter account that the computer giant will accept payments in Bitcoins. The company says they are now the largest e-commerce business to accept the virtual currency.

Dell teamed up with Coinbase, a third-party payment processor that converts customers’ Bitcoins into dollars.

In Europe, Google is no longer referring to mobile games as FREE if the user is offered the option to make purchases during play.

The change comes as the European Commission works with consumer protection organisations and app store owners such as Google and Apple, to improve policies around in-app-purchases of games and apps predominantly used by children

Google also promised to develop guidelines to prevent app developers from specifically targeting children.

Nearly 200 managers from Samsung Electronics Company are reported to have voluntarily returned a quarter of their first-half bonuses as a gesture to demonstrate they are taking responsibility for the company’s earnings decline.

Earlier this month Samsung Electronics announced an operating profit guidance for the second quarter  of the year that was far below most analysts’ forecasts.

The company’s smartphone business has been losing market share as Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and Lenovo Group offer feature-rich phones at lower prices.

Starbucks’ Chief Digital Officer Jason Del Rey announced the company will allow customers in the US to place orders from a mobile app later this year.

He said the advance-ordering feature was in line with the way Americans are using their mobile devices to order products and services, quoting cab-hailing companies Uber and Lyft as well as food-ordering apps.

No mention was made of an international roll-out of the service.