Today Is... Cinnamon Roll Day

October 4th - Cinnamon Roll Day

October 4 Cinnamon Roll Day


In a previous life (aka many years ago), I used to live in the US - first in New Jersey as a child, then (years later), in Florida. After moving back to Europe, I still travelled across the pond multiple times a year to see my family. Miami airport became synonymous with two thing: family hugs and the mesmerising smell of cinnamon buns that wafted through the airport. We all knew the source: Cinnabon!

The great thing about my Today Is blog series , is that I get to choose the topics. I try to stick to the National and International days, but sometimes a topic will just scream at me. It should be screaming Illustrate me! but today, October 4th it is Cinnamon Roll Day and the voice screaming is saying Eat Me!

If only my illustrations had a smell. Sweet cinnamon roll (or bun, as you please) aromas would be oozing out of your screen right now.  

The holiday was created in 1999 for marketing purposes (aren't they all?) and is predominantly celebrated in Sweden (Kanelbullens dag) and Finland (Korvapuustipäivä). According to Sweden's English-language website The Local, the Swedish cinnamons have been around since the 1920s and are simpler and less sweet than the American ones. They also have cardamon spice in the dough, giving them a unique flavour. 

I'm yet to try a Swedish cinnamon bun, so I'll have to hunt for a good recipe unless I get to Sweden first . Or Ikea now that I think about it!! In the mean time, I'd happily  get my hands on a box of American Cinnabons, oozing in white creamy topping. If only they were easier to get a hold of here in the UK. 

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day Everyone. 

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