Today is...World Vegetarian Day

October 1 World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day

Yummy!! Although I am not vegetarian I absolutely love fruit and veg and will often just have big plates of veggies. World Vegetarian Day kicks off an entire month of vegetarian awareness that lasts until November 1 when it is World Vegan Day. 

My illustration for today is an image of my lunch. Few things make me happier than grilled vegetables and cheese so that's what was on the menu today. One of the perks of working from home!

My husband is also  working from home today and had plenty to say about my lunch. He is a classic meat and two veg guy and begrudgingly puts up with the 1-2 days a week when I insist on having meat-free days.

Aubergines, however, are his ultimate nemesis. He goes around telling people aubergines are evil. I've tried sneaking them into meals for years. I am still to succeed though. If anyone has any suggestions or recipes, please do shoot them over. 


Here are some fun facts for World Vegetarian Day: 

  • Established in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society and endorsed the following year by and endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union.
  • Vegetarianism has roots in ancient India. In fact, currently, 70% of the world’s vegetarians are Indians and there are more vegetarians in India than in any other country in the world.
  • People become vegetarians for several reasons, including ethical, health, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, and economic concerns
  • According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, famous vegetarians in history include: 
    • Pythagoras
    • Anthony of Egypt
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Mahatma Gandhi
    • Franz Kafka
    • Mary Shelley
    • John Harvey Kellogg
    • Leo Tolstoy
  • There are different types of vegetarian diets. According to an article by Lauren Panoff for Healthline Magazine these are the main types of vegetarian diets
  1. Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet
  2. Lacto-vegetarian diet
  3. Ovo-vegetarian diet
  4. Flexitarian diet
  5. Pescatarian diet
  6. Vegan diet

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