Angelina Draper

Hello and thank you for stopping by. 

Angelina Draper illustrationsSeeing as you made your way to the about page, I guess you want to know a bit about Angelina Draper, the artist who painted the gift you received, or are, perhaps, considering commissioning yourself. 

So as not to bore you, I've narrowed "me" down to the famous elevator pitch they teach you in business school. So here it goes: 

I am a UK-based, Irish-Croatian artist who splits her time between Hertfordshire and the beautiful Croatian peninsula of Istria. An expat childhood turned into an expat adulthood and I have been lucky enough to count places like Rome, Hong Kong, Berlin, London and Venice home. 

I am currently living in my 26th home, which probably has something to do with my passion for painting architecture, buildings and homes. 

Before transitioning full-time to art, my career was deeply rooted in technology. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my corporate career in digital marketing and e-commerce and my experience as a tech journalist and broadcaster, being able to trade a computer for a sheet of paper and a keyboard for a pen and paintbrush is a privilege I am grateful for every day. 

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